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Current Issue Badge Patch. Fully embroidered, full size colored patch. Type I badge patches show the word EXPLORER at the top in standard. Type II badge patches show the word EXPLORER in bold. All Type II badge patches are now paired with V7 issue patches. Broward County was created in 1915. It was named for Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, Governor of Florida from 1905 to 1909. It was originally intended to be named Everglades County, but then-Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Ion Farris amended the bill that established the county to be named after Broward. In 1915, Palm Beach County and Dade County contributed nearly equal portions of land to create Broward County. At its inception, Broward County was considered a leader in agriculture products and services within the State of Florida. The massive post-World War II buildup of the South Florida region transformed the region. The Sheriff's Office is composed of 5,800 employees, including approximately 3,100 certified deputies and approximately 600 firefighters. BSO is the largest fully accredited Sheriff's office in the nation. BSO will celebrate its 100 year centennial in 2015. The Law Enforcement Explorers Program at BSO is a program that works with teens and young adults by allowing them to interact with law enforcement and other community advisors in a serious, regimented atmosphere where the students can demonstrate their personal initiative. The program offers young adults the opportunity to learn and experience lawful citizenship as they participate side-by-side with certified BSO deputies in ongoing training and community service projects. To qualify for membership, candidates must be at least 14 years of age or under 21, must achieve and maintain satisfactory school grades and must make a conscientious effort to stay out of trouble. Candidates under 18 years of age must have the approval and cooperation of a parent or guardian.

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