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Current Issue Patch. Fully Embroidered, full size colored patch. This is the Town of Orchid's first issue police patch. It is unique because there are 16 thread colors to the design and was made in very limited quantities! Orchid is an island town in Indian River County, Florida. Originally, the area existed as the unincorporated area of the "Community of Orchid". The area received its moniker "Orchid" due to the profusion of wild orchids that grew and thrived there. On May 12, 1965, the "Community of Orchid" was incorporated. The First organizational meeting for the Town of Orchid was held on March 7, 1966. After the purchase of the Town by Deerfield Groves, Joe Michael decided to separate his personal property from the town he and his wife, Ann, had governed with their family for many years. Joe Michael separated his land because he wanted his land to go to the Fish and Wildlife Service for preservation rather than to developers. At that time, Orchid was just a community of 7 households. By 1990, ten grove owners were the only residents of the town on Orchid Island between Windsor and County Road 510. Orchid Island Association Limited bought the Town in September 1988. Part of the deal was to dis-incorporate a tract on Earring Point so that these grove owners could live outside of the Town of Orchid. So the original residents no longer lived in Orchid. At first, home sales were sluggish and by 1996 there were only 34 residents. Currenty, the Town of Orchid is "built out" with only 31 remaining buildable lots. Gratefully the Town never reached the proportions predicted. There are 330 single family residences and 90 condominium residences. The Town of Orchid has certainly grown from a population of 7 and is one of Florida's most scenic and desirable places to live.

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